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Come relax and destress in our new Sauna! There are many benefits to visiting a Sauna regularly, they really do wonders helping you relax and can leave you feeling more energized. Your blood vessels will relax and dilate which causes a blood flow increase and can help reduce tension in the joints and relieve sore muscles. Those with chronic pain and arthritis tend to benefit from a trip to a sauna. 


Does the winter months dry out your skin? When you sweat in the sauna, this draws additional oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface. Resulting in healthier looking skin through skin cell rejuvenation. This helps in moisturizing your face and body naturally and without any toxic or clogging chemicals.


Here are some top health and wellness benefits from saunas:

  • Improvement of overall health and performance.

  • Improvement in Heart Health. 

  • Better, faster recoveries after exercise. 

  • Flushing of toxins in the body and a cleanse of the skin.

  • Improves brain health and relieves stress.

  • Helps with fighting illnesses.

  • Burning of calories.

20 minutes/$25

30 minutes/$35

45 minutes/$45

60 minutes/$55

Buy 5 get 1 FREE


Finally, it just feels great with the added benefits to your health! The sauna can be great for a private, personal area of relaxation. Or it can also be a shared environment for socializing with family, friends and soon-to-be friends. Head on over to Simple Body Solutions for ultimate relaxation and natural body health!

Contact us to set up an appointment at +1-207-213-4200​. All appointments require a $50 non-refundable booking deposit (this deposit is to secure your appointment and will be applied to service cost).

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