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Hyaluron Pen

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The Hyaluron Pen is a wonderful alternative to the needle lip filler.  The Pen technology has a jet injector that uses high pressure to force hyaluronic acid through skin. Not only is it way less painful than needle filler, it’s safer as well. The Pen deposits Hyaluronic Acid at the papillary layer of the dermis, no risk of a sharp needle puncturing any blood vessels. The Hyaluron Pen injects the acid as a nanomolecular mist, therefore it spreads evenly. Traditional needle fillers can pool up underneath the skin and have a bumpy appearance. 


The Hyaluronic Acid that gets deposited is a natural sugar found in the human body and is an extremely hydrating substance. Hyaluronic Acid is safe because your body already naturally creates and breaks it down. 


Get the perfect lips you want with no needle, no risk and pain free! The Hyaluron Pen can create volume, shape and lift. Starting at $200 for the first 0.5ml right here in Augusta, ME.

Contact us to set up an appointment at +1-207-213-4200. All appointments require a $50 non-refundable booking deposit (this deposit is to secure your appointment and will be applied to service cost).

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